That is the question, the real estate question that is. With all of the latest and greatest fashion trends it may be confusing to follow what’s in and what’s out, however, with home trends do you know what is trending?


If not no worries. We have got your back! Grab a pen and get ready to brush up on your note taking skills because school is back in session… creative thinking summer school that is!


She Sheds:

Ladies love them and adore them! However, why does it have to stop with the ladies?! Anyone can have a shed! Think playrooms for your children, man caves, guest houses for your in-laws that just visit way too often, a private gym that will probably be best used as anything but, a not-so-humble abode for your beloved pet(s), a mediation/prayer room or better yet a sound-proof dwelling for your teenager’s rock band’s all-night jam sessions!


For those of you fortunate enough to have an attic we want to tell you to dust off the family heirlooms and move them on out because lofts are back in! Yes, it was cool to have a loft style apartment when you were younger and could not afford much, but now you are a home owner and your attic days are over because reclaiming that loft look is effortless, chic and possibly, your new favorite room in the house!

Think about it…it’s far away from all the other rooms in the house so it tends to be more quiet, we all know heat expands up and out, so it will be a warm and snuggly room and it’s got the best view on the block (assuming you have a window or two). Now putting all of that together equates to your new hobby room, reading room, library or even a nap room! And why not? Everyone deserves down time, so go on and schedule yourself for some ‘me time’ because you are worthy!


Tree houses are a thing of the past and just for children, or so that is what you thought! Move over kids because the adults are moving on up amongst the tree tops too! Tree houses now are so popular because they can be your favorite room in the house without actually being in the house. Isn’t everyone supposed to be getting more outdoor time, more sunshine, an adequate dose of Vitamin D, etc.?

Well look no further than your own yard because lounging up high in the sky is the new way to get down. Some tree houses come ready made with little assembly required or you can hire people to build it for you. Feel free to let your inner child come out and play in your new game room or act your age and use that space as a private sanctuary for your next date night or just think of it as a place lay back and let your imagination run wild like it did when you were a child by answering yourself what each passing cloud looks like…a Giraffe? A Zebra? Who knows? Who cares? Just enjoy it!

Basement Building:

Basements conjure up words like ‘mold’ or ‘mildew’ or Heaven forbid ‘rodents’! Well enough of that and on to the next trend…yes, you guessed it…your scary, smelly basement! Hire an exterminator, fix the leaky pipes and roll up your sleeves to get to work on your next favorite place in the house! Nowadays, basements are not the scary room in your houses that make weird noises and have cobwebs everywhere, no; basements are your movie/film screening room, isolated spa room complete with a sauna chair and water massage bed or maybe even a secluded bar with all the ‘free’ billiard and dart throwing games you want, ‘free’ drinks and the line to ‘get in’ is obsolete.

We know spending money on a night at the movies, spa day or going out to your local watering hole could get costly, crowded or quite simply go out of business, so why not turn your basement into your favorite outing activity? Therefore, the next time you want to go out all you have to do is stay in.

Let your Hair Down:

Here at Synoptic we are not just a bunch of professionals… we are trendsetters! We work hard, yes, but we play hard too and we know that you guys deserve it too!

We all know that investing in that She Shed, attic, tree house or basement is a great way to add value to your home, but it will also add value to your work-life balance. And isn’t that what we all truly want? Stick with us my friends and you will always be the next success story!

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