Did You Know That We Are a Boutique Real Estate Company?!

We all know that there are one too many real estate companies out there that would love to help earn your real estate business. We want to take a moment to elaborate on why we stand out from the crowd.

First, we are a boutique real estate company.

What does that mean? Well, we have a niche for real estate, we have the experience, we provide stupendous customer service and we have an entire team of people that will guide you from beginning to end. This entails a team consisting of: realtors, property manager, cpa, real estate attorney, escrow officer, a loan consultant and a business developer. Having such a diverse team of exceptionally talented professionals at your finger tips will make you feel so comforted whereas most other people would feel stressed and overwhelmed by trying to find all of these people on their own. In this way we are a complete boutique real estate agency.

Secondly, our team never sleeps.

Okay, they do, but what we want to convey here is that we put in the hours to make you feel at ease. It is our job to make sure things are running smoothly throughout any real estate process whether it be buying and/or selling. Our hardworking group of individuals are all top notch professionals! We could tell you how often we are being called, emailed and messaged in hopes of being recruited by another real estate company, but we do not have enough time in the day to tell you! Every person here is on their A game, all day, every day and it shows; not only to our clients, but to other companies as well. Enough said.

Lastly we care about the people as much as the business.

We are unique in the sense that we all have big real estate company experience, expertise and knowledge, however, we are a small, family oriented business. What does this mean to you? Well it means we have the goods, know-how and resources of a big-named corporation, but with the feel of a small company because we are personable and genuine in our interactions with our clients.


Next time you see a commercial billboard or large ad for another well known real estate brand, be reminded there’s no one closer to you than family, and here at Synoptic Real Estate, that’s exactly what you are to us!

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