Ground Work:

It was an ordinary Spring day in Los Gatos and my assignment for that day was to meet up the Synoptic Real Estate team to observe how they take a client’s home and get it ready for both print marketing and video. As a long established and top Los Gatos Real Estate local group, there was a lot to learn about how they operated. I figured all that was going to happen was a light cleaning and lighting arrangement before the photographer and videographer arrived.

Boy was I wrong! That was the least of it! No wonder Synoptic ranks among Los Gatos’s most trusted local realtors. The entire team was hands on fungshui-ing furniture, sweeping scattered leaves off the driveway, adjusting window shades to be just right and meticulously turning every piece of decor to find that right angle.

Attention to Detail:

Even though the hired team of photographers and videographers were beyond professional you best believe the Synoptic Real Estate was hard at work suggesting angles, the feel they wanted the photos to emit and the vibe of the videos they wanted them to emanate. I assumed it’d be a two hour ordeal from beginning to end, but I quickly learned that they operate with only one word on their minds, “perfection.” Things were shot, shot again and re-shot.

Why? – They wanted to show the house in daylight as well as at night. Not only did they have their client’s intent in mind of displaying the house at its best, but they also were keeping the potential buyers in mind by asking themselves, “If I was a prospective buyer what would I want to see? What if I couldn’t come to the open house what would I want the images and videos to show me?” With a mindset that was so thoughtful, forward thinking, and sensitive to both parties they really worked hard that day pouring in their blood, sweat and tears to make sure no desire or need was left without consideration.


That’s just customer service you say? Nah. Well everyone does that you say? Nope! – That’s the Synoptic Real Estate standard! One they are committed to seeing through with every home listing and home buyer scouting effort.


That’s just one day of how the team operates on one aspect of how they do business with their very fortunate clients. I left the Synoptic Real Estate long before they called it a day; when the sun was still up and they were burning the midnight oil. Passionate? Yes. Committed? Most definitely! Do this for every single one of their clients? MOST ABSOLUTELY!

Will you be the next success story?! Only if you reach out to Synoptic Real Estate!


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