Come to Synoptic and be the next success story!

We say that with confidence because we have the facts and figures to prove it! However, it must be said that we have such a great track record because we literally put our heart and soul into every client’s request, whether it be to help them buy their future dream home or sell their home.

Wondering how we were able to achieve such strong client success stories? you’re in for a treat, here’s the inside scoop on how we do what we do best!

Since the word ‘success is in our tagline we decided to turn it into an acronym that best depicts how we get the job done!

See-the-client – Introduction is the first step to any journey and for us it can mean meeting in person, on the phone or online. Either way we are happy and eager to meet you!

Understand – Listening to our client’s wants and needs is vital and detrimental for our team’s success. Whether our client meets with one of us or all of us we always hold a team meeting among ourselves after we have met you, so we can brainstorm the best strategy on how we will make your story a success story!

Covered – Synoptic wants to make sure you are taken care of even after you’ve sold or bought your home. For some it can mean helping you buy your next home or how to make the most of your profits (investing in real estate). Even more, on how to make real estate into a business for yourself.

Calendar – We need to keep your end date in mind by making a time table that best fits your needs. We will plan to the utmost detail of every single step that we need to take to make sure we finish on a timely manner.

Exceptional Marketing – The sky is the limit when it comes to the marketing aspect of this process! We only use the best of the best for all pictures and video fliers, online marketing and advertising. Not to brag, but our open houses are also spectacular especially when you see the amount of labor we put into them! See featured Trusted Local Realtors – Behind the Scenes article.

Sold – We did it! Together we have not only sold your house, but more likely we have helped you get more than the asking price because with Synoptic Real Estate we know more is always better!

Satisfaction – We want only satisfied clients and we want to keep you satisfied for life! Our interaction together is not a rigid business deal, but a collaboration of love and understanding just like a family! We always stay in touch with our clients whether it be inviting you to our next client ‘thank you’ party or helping you down the road with your next real estate dream!

Real estate is not just about putting up a sign on the front lawn and selling the house!

It’s about the art of negotiation, mastering strategic marketing skills, understanding the presentation of each home’s personality to the right audience, and making lasting connections with our clients!

Now that you know how we make dreams happen … Are you ready to become the next success story? 408-358-2717


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