There was excitement in the air, fresh flowers on the counters, warmly baked pastries on the buffet table and a sense of anticipation wafted through the room as we all stood welcoming our guests who were arriving for an informative evening about real estate in the Bay Area targeted to aid millennials become home owners.


Over two dozen attendees gave up their Wednesday night and coughed up an admission fee; a small token in comparison to the knowledge they gained that night from our team of diverse professionals. We cannot give out the ‘how?’ just yet, but we can remind you that the ‘what?’ was ‘How to Buy a $1,000,000 Home in Bay Area with an Average Salary of $100,000?!


The Goods:

In order to answer that million dollar question (pun intended) we dipped into our bag of tricks and rolled up our sleeves to coordinate the perfect evening consisting of a real estate attorney, a property manager, an escrow officer, a loan consultant, a CPA, and a business developer.

The evening commenced with a social hour that offered a catered dinner by Tulip Lolly Catering who offered the hottest food trends, DJ Ano – Epic Music Entertainment who played the latest tunes and luckily for us the weather was on its best behavior so we could have the perfect ambience to not only feed the hungry stomachs of our audience, but most importantly their hungry minds as well.


In Conclusion:

By the end of the three hours we set the stage to discuss the issue at hand, what our solution was, how to go about putting it in to action and lastly, but most definitely not least, what our panel of experts had to say to the group’s most burning questions during the Q&A segment.

In conclusion, we were able to help some millennials gain a strong foot hold into a future that would encompass their dream home or rather their dream of owning a home.


If you didn’t make it that night then don’t fret! Rest assured that the feedback we received after the seminar was a unanimous vote to have another one in the near future! Therefore, make sure you attend the next one so we can help you become the next success story


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